NO COST TESTING - "PCR, Antigen, Antibody"
Staff - Students - Attendees - Patients
1) We can come to your Business, School, Event and test anyone that is required to be tested at NO COST to YOU or THEM.  Testing a few hundred or a several thousand, we can accomplish this. 

2) We can create a testing schedule to your needs, in which we test daily, weekly, monthly, it's all possible.

3) We work with well established LABS that have specialized in testing for decades.  All our Test are EUA or FDA authorized or approved. And once sample is received by our LAB, it will be processed in 24-30 hours or less.  

4) We send out highly trained medical professionals to administer the testing and collection. 

5) Our collection methods range from the standard, Deep Nasal Swab, Shallows Nasal Swab to the more unique such as Oral Swab or even better Oral Rinse.  (some collections methods require a higher volume of testing)

6) We have a team of Doctors and Scientist with a deep understanding of both testing application but also involved in Research and Development in to the virus itself. 

7) We also have OTC Testing available.  Meaning we can ship you hundreds, even thousands of OTC Test, approved for self-administration. You disperse to your staff, students, attendees, patients for self-administering.  

8) We also have access to the most advanced Immunity Test in the world, that can register your natural immunity.  Meaning it can see how robust your natural immunity is to the Virus prior to infection or vaccination.  But even more importantly can test how robust your natural immunity is after Infection and/or vaccination.   

This goes a long way to understanding, each person on an individual bases.  And helping determining with the care of a Physician when a vaccine, or booster may be needed.  Or perhaps your physician determines there are other ways to boost your immunity such as vitamins, supplements, IV drips, Ozone Therapy, etc..... 

CEO Caroline Grotewiel

16 years in medical industry.
Clinic Owner, specializing in aesthetic and wellness. National consultant with experience testing new technologies and bringing to market.  Trainer in advanced procedures and services to aesthetic and wellness space. 

President  Andrew Benavente

20 years in medical industry. Specializing in marketing & sales of new technologies.  Consulting in aesthetic and wellness space as it relates to marketing & sales.  Financing medical practices nationally. 
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